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Depending on the trader's preparation, studying the rules of working with ST Patterns Trading Strategy usually takes anywhere from several days to several weeks. After beginning their study of the first book Trading Code is Open, traders sometimes have questions. Often these questions are answered in the second and third/last books, which were written taking into account the questions received from readers.

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Answer to the question

Sometimes I'm asked the following: Why do you share a profitable strategy? At first, I also thought that the system might not continue to work properly after I had published it. But then it became clear that my modest book would not change the situation. It couldn’t compete with marketing companies’ selling strategies, analyses, and trading signals.

Brokers and financial companies spend a lot of money and efforts to attract customers, offering advice and help from titled specialists. Many forums for traders are crowded with sellers of services, goods, and paid coaches. In the field of investment, there are also a lot of swindlers who do not hesitate in their promises, offering easy profits in the hope of capturing their clients' money.

Many traders continue to donate their deposits in the name of widely advertised trading methods, even if these methods do not work. There are millions of traders and thousands of trading systems in the world. It takes years to study at least a dozen well-known strategies and their application in practice. Thus, the excess of traders in the market using this one strategy will not happen very quickly, if such is ever possible.

And even if the market changes, you can always pick the best variable parameters for the trading strategy, change the rules for working with models, or switch to another trading tool. Having studied the methods of working with ST Patterns, the trader will be able to create his own unique trading strategy!