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Day Trading Strategy

This is the fourth book demonstrating the effectiveness of the ST Patterns Strategy work based on Fractal Corridors. As a result of working with intraday price movements that occurred during the month on five-minute charts, the technical result obtained is more than +1000% of the initial deposit with a risk of 10%. About a year after the first publication, ST Patterns once again demonstrates high performance when used in a day trading context.

Of the dozens of well-known or even obscure day trading strategies, I have not seen a single one capable of showing at least some of the results demonstrated by the ST Patterns Strategy!

In the past, hourly charts have been the most effective timeframe for presenting examples of the ST Strategy. However, many traders want to use the ST Strategy for intraday trading. Almost every week, I receive letters with questions about working on smaller timeframes. Despite the general similarity with the medium term, day trading has its own characteristics that will be revealed in this book. Using smaller time periods, it’s also possible to get excellent results!

trading for a living

This manual, shows a step-by-step analysis of all market movements that occurred on the EUR/USD M5 graph for the period from April 1-30, 2018.

In this book, there are 49 Figures marking more than two hundred Fractal Corridors. To view full-size images on a large monitor, there is a link to view all the charts on Google Drive. For additional convenience, buyers of the printed book from can download the e-book for free.

For Trained Traders

It is recommended that you start studying this manual after studying the ST Patterns Strategy shown in the first books. Since the demonstration of graphic models is designed for a trader already familiar with these concepts. This book will present only the new rules for working with ST patterns, specific to short-term trading. The examples given here are intended for the reader who has already learned and understood how the ST Strategy works and who wants to apply it to day trading.

 Emotion and Discipline

For short-term trading, we need a high reaction speed and concentration of attention. The potential for possible profit also increases in such situation. It is also necessary to understand, that a working technical system is a necessary, but not sufficient, condition for obtaining real results. Therefore, emotion and discipline play an important role in the implementation of the trading strategy. In turn, automatic trading systems do not take into account all the nuances necessary for successful trading. A successful exchange game requires a serious approach and careful preparation.

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This is the fifth book demonstrating the high efficiency of the ST Patterns Strategy based on Fractal Corridors. This book partially repeats the material presented in the fourth book "Day Trading...". 5-minute quotes take up large data volumes and therefore the historical data of the 4th book may no longer be available for some traders to study. To mark up the charts, I used the parameters of my own trading strategy, which I have been using for the last few years, and they are more adapted for real trading now. All the examples of technical analysis are shown on real historical charts over the nearest period of time. My broker's quotes, which were used to build these charts, are available for download. Using this data, any programmer will be able to check the correctness of his/her adviser working algorithm.
The material presented in this book is recommended as a background study of the ST Patterns Strategy, the rules of working with which are disclosed in the first three books! The examples given here are aimed at the reader who has already studied and understood how the ST strategy works and wants to apply it to a day trading on a short-term time frame.

trading for a living

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